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Name:Bellamy Blake [The 100]
Birthdate:Dec 30
Location:United States of America

Bellamy Blake

The King
Big Brother
2126 CE
Member of Arkadia Guard
Co-Leader of The 100
Commander of His Militia
Mount Weather Guard (spy; former)
Janitor (former)
Ark Guard Cadet (former)
Diana Sydney's Rebels (formerly)
The 100
His Militia
Sky People
Pike's Faction (formerly)
Kane's Faction
Resistance Against A.L.I.E.
Earth (current)
The Ark (former)
The Camp (former)
Octavia Blake (maternal half-sister)
Aurora Blake† (mother)
Significant Kills
At least 20 Mount Weather Guards
Around 350 remaining inhabitants of Mount Weather (with Clarke Griffin)
Approx. 300 Grounders (with Pike and 8 others)

Bellamy was manipulated into attempting to assassinate Chancellor Jaha at the behest of his political enemies, an action he later shows remorse for. In return for shooting Chancellor Jaha, Bellamy is able to sneak onto the dropship by posing as a guard so that he can protect his younger sister Octavia. Bellamy is not part of the original 100, although he quickly establishes himself as their leader.

At first, Bellamy and Clarke struggled with each other for leadership of the Delinquents but eventually settled as co-leaders after the murder of Wells Jaha and Charlotte's suicide. As a leader, Bellamy is willing to make difficult decisions to ensure the survival of his people. He and Clarke work well together after their initial hostility. After most of the Delinquents are captured by Mount Weather, Bellamy tries to find them and eventually infiltrates Mount Weather, working closely with Maya Vie to keep the Delinquents safe and help them escape from the Mountain Men. Together Bellamy and Clarke made the difficult choice to irradiate Mount Weather in order to save their people. When Clarke leaves on her own, unable to come to terms with her actions, Bellamy remains behind at Camp Jaha with the rest of the Delinquents.

In season 3, Bellamy is a guard at the newly renamed Arkadia. After previous hostilities with the Grounders over the course of Seasons 1 and 2, the harsh restrictions placed on Arkadia as well as the death of his girlfriend Gina at the hands of the Ice Nation, Bellamy aligns himself with Charles Pike. Pike has a negative view of Grounders after the Ice Nation attacked and killed many of the Farm Station survivors after they crash landed on Earth, and shows great interest in Bellamy and uses him to gain further support within Arkadia using Bellamy's guilt over his failure to protect his people and trauma after Mount Weather. However, after seeing how far Pike was willing to go and at the prospect of the deaths of his friends, Bellamy joins a rebellion against Pike and helps secure Pike's capture. Despite his attempt to stop it, Bellamy is unable to prevent the execution of Lincoln by Pike. Bellamy later helps defeat A.L.I.E. and her army of chipped soldiers, protecting Clarke while her mind is in the City of Light.

After A.L.I.E. is defeated Bellamy returns with the Sky People back to Arkadia, helping to deal with the fallout of past events and a looming second nuclear apocalypse. He assists with repairing Alpha Station to shelter the Sky People from the coming radiation fallout, as well as helping with defending from the Ice Nation who now have control of Polis. Under the command of King Roan, the Ice Nation capture Bellamy and hold him captive. He is left free and also assists with stopping Riley from killing Roan, and after Clarke and Roan strike a deal to share Arkadia with the Ice Nation. He returns with them to witness Alpha Station burn at the hand of Ilian.

Early Life
Aurora Blake, Bellamy's mother, was forced to keep her second pregnancy a secret because of the one child law on the Ark. A young Bellamy watched as his mother gave birth to his sister and helped to keep her quiet after the birth. After the child was born, Aurora told Bellamy to name her. He had learned about the Roman emperor, Augustus, and named his sister after the emperor's sister, Octavia. Aurora told Bellamy that Octavia was his responsibility. He told her he loves her very much and promises to keep her safe, no matter what may happen.
Since Octavia was an illegal second child, she had to be kept hidden in their room, never venturing out. Bellamy would tell her stories and play with her, and tell her about the Ark. Their mother would also read them mythology, which Octavia loved. Octavia would also help Aurora, who was a seamstress on the Ark. In order to find out about the surprise inspections ahead of time, Aurora was sleeping with an Ark Guard and she was also trying to get Bellamy a position on the guard. During these inspections, Octavia was forced to hide under the floorboards and wait quietly until they were done. Bellamy told her to tell herself, "I am not afraid."

Octavia was finally exposed a year before the 100 were sent to Earth. Bellamy had become an Ark Guard Cadet and was able to get duty during the Unity Day masquerade party. He sneaks Octavia out of their room for the first time in her life so she could attend, promising her that he'll keep her safe and deliver her home before their mother even knows they're gone. The party is disrupted by a solar flare alert, requiring everyone to show ID. Since Octavia didn't have ID, they knew they would be caught. Bellamy tells her to go straight back to their room and hide while he creates a distraction but Octavia doesn't know how to get back. Commander Shumway notices that Bellamy has his shock baton out and starts to question him. Bellamy begs Commander Shumway to let her go, but he refuses, stating Bellamy is not a guardsman yet. Octavia tries to run but is easily captured. Octavia is imprisoned and their mother executed. Bellamy loses his position as a Guard Cadet and is demoted to janitor.

Over the next year, Bellamy is unable to see Octavia in lock-up. He is approached by Commander Shumway who tells him that 100 prisoners are being sent to the ground, among them his sister. He offers Bellamy the chance to go to Earth and protect Octavia but only if he kills Thelonious Jaha. Bellamy accepts the deal and after shooting Jaha, Bellamy is able to sneak onto the dropship by posing as a guard and stows away till they are on the ground.

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